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Roofing sheet manufactures specialising in metal cladding products.

Welcome to industrial cladding systems, we specialise in the manufacture one of the broadest range of Metal roofing and cladding products in the UK, our selection of our profiles are as follows

M40/tile effect roof sheet that resembles an English pan tile

3 different size box profile roofing sheets, 36mm top of the range, a 32mm standard and an economic 20mm profile

Inzip standing seam that can be rolled in house or on site

Curved roofing sheets including a radius down to 90cm

vented wall cladding both punched and perforated

ICS manufacture a whole host of metal building products and are able to deliver large or small orders to all parts of the UK

Specialist roof systems

industrial cladding systems have been specialising in metal building products for more than thirty years, our products cover the domestic and industrial market, we are able to cater the for small garage roof to the large industrial warehouse

profiled metal: We make 3 box profile sheets which cover all roof applications wether a few sheets for a small garden shed to a large industrial building, all of which can be made in different thickness and coatings

Tile effect: Our product looks like a proper English pan tile unlike most metal tile sheets on the UK market which are simply a box profiled roofing sheet with a step in it, our profile has been specialy developed to look like the traditiomnal pantile with the wave form profile, we also have incorporated an extra under lap channel to prevent leakin from the side laps

Standing seam: For the specialist roofer we have our zip up standing seam roofing system which is anchored to the roof with aluminium halters, the sheet is then seamed with a mechanical zipping tool which secures the standing seam roofing sheet to the structure

Curved roofing: Eliminate the eaves gutter by using curved sheets at the eaves, can save on materials and time whilst giving a very modern look to the building, we are able to crimp curve both our 32mm and 36mm box profiles, also using a crimp curved ridge will remove the need for flashings and foam fillers


Our roofing prices start from as little as £1.50 per m2 for second hand material,

our box profile roof sheets start at £5.99 per m2

standing seam prices will be based on the system as a whole so please contact us

crimp cuving price is around £9 per sheet depending on the length and quantity

typical flashings prices for a standard ridge 150 x 150mm would be £15 for the polyester material

Ridgibar - spacer bar system for built up metal roofing start as low as £1.50 per lm based on 500lm collect order

prices are based on minimum order quantity so small orders may cost more

if you would like more info on any of our roofing and cladding products please give us a call on

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